Things To Look For In Private Lenders To Ensure Your Deals Get Funded
Looking for a Private Lender? Some Things to Think About Banks continue to stand on the lending sidelines as uncertain economic factors and rising interest rates continue to weigh on the banking industry. Increasingly, private lenders have become the go-to lender to get deals across the finish line. However, a challenge with private money lenders […]
As the Banks Pull Back, Investors Need to Find Alternatives
Following a whirlwind of Fed activity which saw a string of 10 consecutive rate hikes in just over a year,  The Fed took a break on raising interest rates at its June 2023 meeting. The central bank's benchmark interest rate remains between 5% and 5.25%, its highest in 16 years, according to The Washington Post. […]
Unlocking the Power of Private Debt: Opting for Private Debt Over Equity in Commercial Real Estate Investments
Private debt is a popular alternative to equity investments in the commercial real estate sector. It has encroached on the banks’ primarily syndicated loan market and can provide attractive risk-adjusted returns. Real estate debt funds make loans to commercial borrowers using privately sourced capital. Investors receive regular interest payments and payment priority of their capital […]

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